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How to protect savings from the next stock market crash

How To Protect Retirement Savings From The Next Crash

One of the first questions I am asked these days when I meet with a client for the first time is how to protect retirement savings from the next stock market crash? If you’re like most people I talk...
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How Much Retirement Income Will I Need

How Much Retirement Income Will I Need

“How much retirement income will I need” is, at best, a guesstimate. There are simply too many variables to determine your exact number: How long will you live? How healthy will you be? Will you o...
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How to pick the right fixed indexed annuity

How To Pick The Right Fixed Indexed Annuity

If you’re thinking of purchasing a fixed indexed annuity, the first question you should ask yourself is “what is your objective?” Like any financial product you are thinking of purchasing or str...
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Should I Buy a Retirement Annuity (2)

Should I Buy a Retirement Annuity

 “Should I buy a retirement annuity” is a question people often ask themselves when they are concerned about the state of their retirement finances. Some people say that if you feel the need to a...
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The Only 8 Reasons To Consider a Fixed Indexed Annuity

Maybe you're considering purchasing an annuity. This may be a good decision or a bad decision but there's really only 8 reasons why you you might consider a fixed indexed annuity. If you don't feel li...
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