ABC Planners Pledge

As an advisor who has been through the ABC Planning Process training I pledge to pursue the following:

A:  Above-board. I pledge to always put the client’s interests ahead of my own concerns.  I will listen intently to discover their needs, desires, and goals.  I will only offer solutions based on improving the client’s financial plan.  I will only recommend a plan that meets proper suitability requirements which consider both the current and future needs of my client.  I will consider the liquidity needs of my clients along with their aversion to risk before suggesting a financial plan.

B:  Best Interest of Clients. I pledge to be honest in every facet of communication with my clients.  I will never withhold information that is relevant to the products I suggest, and in fact will totally disclose the important features, fees, riders, needed to make an informed decision.  I will disclose potential risks that may negatively affect not only the performance of a product I recommend, but will also disclose the quality of the company standing behind the product.  I will never recommend a product or plan based on how much money it will make me.  I will not withhold anything that would help the client to make an informed decision.  I will be truthful about my credentials, education, business background, and professional designations.  I will act and plan with integrity.

C: Compliant.  I will only use company approved materials when presenting a product of that company.  I will work hard to use compliant materials in software, presentations, seminars, letters, websites and any other materials I use to promote my business.  When advertising my company I will use honest and compliant materials.

I will work hard to adhere to the above ABC Pledge and to be the best advisor in my power for my clients.