Should I Buy a Retirement Annuity

Should I Buy a Retirement Annuity (2)

 “Should I buy a retirement annuity” is a question people often ask themselves when they are concerned about the state of their retirement finances. Some people say that if you feel the need to ask the question then the answer is probably “yes”. I believe that the definitive and absolutely correct answer to this question […]

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The Only 8 Reasons To Consider a Fixed Indexed Annuity


Maybe you’re considering purchasing an annuity. This may be a good decision or a bad decision but there’s really only 8 reasons why you you might consider a fixed indexed annuity. If you don’t feel like one of these reasons applies to you, than it’s probably a good indication that you don’t need one no […]

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Annuity Misconceptions – The Top Ten

Annuity misconceptions often lead some people to miss out on their benefits, others to purchase the wrong kind of annuity. The fact of the matter is, today’s low rate environment and high market volatility makes this an ideal time to really understand the benefits provided by certain annuities: Returns that beat traditional conservative products like […]

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The 4 Keys to Successful Retirement Income Planning

The two most important questions you can ask yourself when you begin the process of developing your retirement income plan is the following: “how much income do I need in retirement to maintain the lifestyle I am accustomed to? and “where is the income going to come from?” There are various rules of thumb you […]

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