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  • Protect Against Inflation and Adjust for Cost of Living Increases without expensive riders.
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  • Safely Increase Income Withdrawals by 20% to 30% Without Using Account Draining Income Riders
  • Protect Against Excess Charges and Fees
  • Protect Against Longevity Risks
  • Create Six-Figure Payout Gains, after providing for lifetime guaranteed income

The Guaranteed Lifetime Income Rider concept on annuities, while initially promising, has been impacted by lower interest rates and increased volatility forcing insurers to make substantial adjustments. Additionally, insurance companies must post reserves and insure the cost of future income promises while generating an actuarial profit.

A high level executive at one of the largest insurance companies in the world said that “in today’s low interest rate environment, the cost of purchasing guaranteed lifetime income has become exceedingly high.” Think about it from the carriers’ perspective, there is no FREE Lunch. They have to provide for the future guarantees and then reserve for these projections while creating an actuarial profit to justify the riders’ existence.

Since 2010, income riders have 29%-65%
less Internal Rate of Return

Factors Reducing Guaranteed Income Payouts:

  • Income rider charges have more than doubled from .40% range to the .90% range in many cases over 1%
  • Annual caps have decreased to as low as 1.5% on some of the most popular income rider products
  • Roll-Up rates have decreased from the 8% to the 7% and now to 6% in many cases
  • Roll-Up periods have been reduced, decreasing the period of time you can receive the Roll-Up rate
  • Payout factors have reduced 40 to 60 basis points on most products resulting in a lower total income amount
  • Individuallly, it may not sound like much, but when you multiply all the factors together, it's significant!

The Solution to this problem is Called 
Income Under Management
And It Can Safely Increase Your Retirement Income by Up to 40%

Income Under Management outperforms the 4 percent rule, 2.8 percent rule, and expensive, account-draining income riders based on real retirement income amounts.

Income Under Management

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