Below is a list of tools and resources that I believe are of great value and that I feel confident in recommending. If I am compensated directly or indirectly for any of these recommendations, it will be clearly indicated under each link description.

Tax Preparation & Audit Representation

Sheridan Vernon E.A. has been providing professional tax services in CT and NC since 1971. Sheridan Vernon, an Enrolled Agent (EA), is a federally-licensed tax practitioner and a member of the CTSEA and NAEA. As an enrolled agent, he can provide representation in all federal and state agencies without you being there.

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The Best Retirement Income Calculator

There are literally hundreds if not thousands of retirement income calculators available on the internet but only one can calculate retirement income under the new Income Under Management strategy that allows you to safely generate up to 40% more income.

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The Cost of Living Calculator

When developing your retirement income plan, you must plan for inflation. Consider this calculator as a way of estimating how your cost of living might be affected.

This Cost of Living Calculator, also known as the COLA Calculator, calculates the cost of living in the past and in the future based on research done at the American Institute for Economic Research

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Pay Off Your Debts Up To 50% Faster

​Prospio provides customized, smart, specific guidance generated by ​bank tested and approved algorithms ​that identify  ​​saving opportunities ​to minimize both time and interest paid on all your debt.

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